PNP060 It’s All About Inner Effort. New Podcast!

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in Podcast | 2 comments

The Inner Effort Podcast Cover ArtAlen Standish announces the Inner Effort Podcast and describes the future of Progress Not Perfection.

Each episode of Inner Effort is an intimate discussion with a courageous guest about the details and mental hurdles of their own personal struggles (past or present, big or small) and the unseen Inner Efforts (e.g. self-coaching techniques, coping tactics, mental tools, resources, etc.) they used to motivate and help themselves during a typical day and through difficult moments.

You can find the Inner Effort podcast on iTunes or Podbean or at There are already several new episodes of Inner Effort available that you can listen to right now with new episodes coming each week! Make sure you subscribe to the new podcast to continue the conversation!

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PNP059 Alen Standish on Perfectionism, Delays and Dream Project 2.0

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AlenStandishDreams295x345Alen Standish talks about the recent show delay and how perfectionism almost got him again.

New things are coming soon. Listen and find out how the process actually helped Alen with his new project (to be released Summer 2015). Stay tuned and subscribed.

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PNP058 Summer Innanen on Body Image and Authenticity

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Summer Innanen Busting Her Scale with SledgehammerAlen Standish talks with fellow podcaster Summer Innanen of Fearless Rebelle Radio about the importance of body image and being our most authentic self.

Summer is absolutely fearless as we talk. She shares some amazing advice on self-acceptance that’s great for both men and women. Wonderful conversation!

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PNP057 Coach Polly Mertens on Creating Deliberate Happiness

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Polly Mertens HappinessAlen Standish talks with coach Polly Mertens about how to create deliberate happiness.

Polly and Alen have a great conversation about that elusive “happiness” we’re always hearing about. Polly defines happiness and they have a wonderful conversations about all the different ways we can generate more happiness in our lives. They talk about real ways that anyone can slowly begin to grow the happiness they want to feel in their lives. It’s a great show!

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PNP056 Coach Trish Blackwell on Building Confidence

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Trish Blackwell ConfidenceAlen Standish talks with fellow podcaster Trish Blackwell of the Confidence Podcast.

We learn much more about Trish and her amazing history as a trainer, coach and author. We go into great detail about the importance of how to build confidence in ourselves, handling body image challenges, training, eating and the negative perfectionist voice most of us have. A great conversation!

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